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Drill Collars

Spiral and Slick Drill Collars

The primary purpose of the drill collar is to deliver weight on the bit. These collars do not have welded tool joints (unlike integral HWDP), and instead come with pin and box connection threads machined directly into the wall. For additional protection against differential sticking, the drill collar may feature spiral grooves.

Drill Collar Connection Spec Sheets

3-1/2" OD Drill Collar with 2-3/8" IF Connection. 4-3/4" OD Drill Collar with 3-1/2" IF Connection. 4-7/8" OD w/ XT39 Connection 6-3/4" Spiral Heavy Weight 8" OD Spiral Drill Collars w/ 6-5/8" Reg Connections

1. All drill collars returned with drilling mud, cement or hazardous waste will be cleaned and disposed of at customer's expense.
2. Full-length inspection will be performed after each job on all drill collars at customer's expense.
3. All repair for abnormal or excessive wear will be charged to customer. (Drill collars will be sold if damaged beyond economical repair.)
4. All charges for straightening of collars and refacing and recutting of tool joints will be billed to customer.