Overview of HSE Commitment

Managing our business to ensure no one gets hurt.

Platinum Pipe Rentals' top priority is our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.
• Our employees are our most valuable ingredient.
• No environmental damage is acceptable.
• We create a totally accident-free environment.

The key to our success lies in our proactive safety management methods that involve employee participation. We are devoted to equipping our personnel with the necessary training and resources to guarantee a safe work environment every single day.

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations and is deeply embedded in everything we do. Our commitment to quality operations management reinforces our dedication to health, safety and environmental protection, providing our clients with reliable, safe and incident-free services. We are devoted to reducing our environmental footprint and following corporate policies, regulatory code, and industry best practices.

Our team is our most valuable asset. Through delivering the highest quality of training, we ensure that safe operational procedures are carried out by highly qualified personnel.

Basic Rules for Care and Handling of Drill Pipe and Tubing

1. Do NOT exceed recommended make-up torque value.
2. ALWAYS move the pipe horizontally with protectors on the connections.
3. Stabbing guides are MANDATORY for XT, HT, and PH-6.
4. Be LIBERAL with the thread compound in the box and base of the box; use a copper-based (for drill pipe) or a compatible thread compound.
5. Do not rack Drill Pipe back in derrick with thread protectors on pins.
6. PH6 Tubing should be racked in derrick with thread protectors to prevent connection damages.
7. Always return drill pipe with PLASTIC composite thread protectors and thread compound.

Preventing and Troubleshooting Connection Damages

1. Document area of connection damages (pictures, report, etc.).
2. Ensure torque gauges are calibrated correctly.
3. Ensure the connections are correctly aligned.
4. Document breakout torque: note if it is excessively higher than the make-up torque.
5. Ensure the thread compound is clean and applied adequately.
6. Ensure that the weight indicator is working properly.
7. Check rotation speed during make-up (low or high).
8. Check other tubulars on location for similar damages and indications.

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