Equipment at Platinum Pipe Rentals in Odessa, TX


Managing our business to ensure no one gets hurt.

Platinum Pipe Rentals' top priority is our commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment.

  • Our employees are our most valuable ingredient.
  • No environmental damage is acceptable.
  • We create a totally accident-free environment.

Our proactive approach to safety management through employee participation is the key to our success. We work tirelessly to ensure our people have the training and tools needed to ensure every day is a safe day.

We view safety as a core value that is incorporated into every facet of our operations. Our focus on quality operations management underpins our health, environmental and safety commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best, most efficient, incident-free service.

We are committed to minimizing our effect on the environment and complying with corporate policies, regulatory code and industry best practices.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Providing the highest standard of training, we ensure safe operational processes performed by competent personnel.